Committed Genius:Social Responsibilities

 Every genius needs to give back to the world that helps them shine, and ours are no exception. LGH’s charitable programs partner with local nonprofits to focus on causes that are near and dear both to adults and kids. Through a combination of classroom work, including arts and crafts and education, and field trips for hands-on with with organizations, we hope to help your genius become better a global citizen.

Committed Genius:

Animal Rescue

Is your genius an animal lover? Help them learn to give back to their furry friends with our Animal Rescue program. The program begins in the classroom with lessons that keep geniuses busy with drawing, painting and crafts, then incorporates visits from non-profits and NGOs that perform the field work. Finally, your genius can get hands-on learning experience with weekend field trips.

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Eco-living, recycling & upcycling

At Little Genius House, we are committed to passing on lessons about climate change to the next generation of geniuses. In this program, geniuses will begin in the classroom, learning about the importance of recycling, reuse and reduction of waste and carbon emissions. The curriculum will be accessible, with a focus on drawing, painting and crafts. Then the genius class will receive a visit from NGOs or non-profits working on sustainability and carbon reduction. Finally, the geniuses will take weekend trips to see first-hand field work.

Local Charitable Outreach

Teach your genius about the importance of helping the less fortunate with our Local Outreach class. The course curriculum focuses on creating programs that will help underprivileged youth and other marginalized populations. The course starts with classroom work, which is rooted in activities like drawing, painting and crafts to keep the geniuses engaged, then incorporates visits from non-profits and field trips for a chance to get first-hand knowledge.

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Charity Open House

On each weekend, we will invite different charitable organizations to give our students a close look on what they have been doing on a daily basis to make this world better, and what we can do to help build up a better society. All our members and families are welcomed. Feel Free to contact us for more details!