Handy Genius: Life Skills

There are geniuses everywhere, and that includes in the kitchen, in the garden and in the home. These Life Skills courses are the perfect way to teach your little genius the practical knowledge to live as a well-rounded, self-sufficient person.

Cook through the world

Take your genius on a trip around the world without leaving our kitchen. The Cook Through the World course explores cuisines from around the globe, getting geniuses involved with meal planning and preparation in a safe, structured environment. And every class ends with a snack to bring home to Mom and Dad!

Gardening & urban farming

Teach your Genius to have a green thumb from an early age, and create a lasting connection to the earth. Our geniuses will work in the gardens at our veranda, playing in the soil, getting their hands dirty and learning valuable lessons about how to grow and care for the plants that sustain us.

Sewing, knitting & embroidery

Teach fine motor skills and give your genius a chance to create something unique with our sewing, knitting and embroidery courses. Geniuses will start with the basics, then work their way up to creating their own designs and learning important skills for the future.

Jewelry making

In this course, geniuses will create their own jewelry pieces, from design to personalization. They will learn about the basics of crafting jewelry with their hands and come away with both lessons and treasured keepsakes for their work.