Clever Hands: During clever hands classes, we will focus on kids’ motor skills development through various arts & crafts projects.

Science Lab: Science is fun and easy! During the science lab classes, we will do all sorts of experiments that kids can experience the magic of science. 

Creative Artists: Everything about arts, either painting, drawing, or make your own little art piece with flowers and leaves, it is all at our Creative Artists. 

Little Yoga: Our teacher from India, Niity, will show you the beauty of yoga from its origin and invite all the little genius stretch. Namastes, little yogis!

Super Muscle Builders: We will stay busy and active the whole hour to train and build up our super muscles! No Stop, All sweats, Stay active is so fun!

Gymnastics: Our coach was the national champion from China and she cannot wait to discover the next star of rhythmic gymnastics!

Stem Maker: Are you a little engineer? How about an inspiring architect? Explore all the fun of building from blocks, rockets, or your hot air balloon!

Singing & Choir: Our award-winning vocal teacher Fei Fei Laoshi teaches our genius from the vocal basics to all the popular Chinese and English kids songs.

Culture Dance: Do you know each country/culture has their own dance style? Let’s learn how people from each country dance and we will focus on learning some professional dance moves you see from those Bollywood movies!

Board Games: Who loves playing board games? We all do. During our Board Game classes, you will get to try and play all sorts of age-appropriate board games with you new and old friends, under the guidance of the teachers.

Story Tellers: Who loves stories? And who loves telling stories? At our Story Tellers, you will get a chance to hear your teacher and friends to share their favorite stories, as well as perform yours. Public speaking and acting has never been this fun!

Photography: Whether your genius knows their way around an SLR, or they think cameras only exist in phones, they will love our course on digital photography. Working with our expert instructors, all industry professionals, they will learn about composition, lighting, Photoshop skills and more!

Coding (Scratch, Minecraft & Phyton): Catering for our older genius, our coding classes are taught by the instructors with experiences in teaching the young and juniors coding skills through and fun and interactive games.

Gardening: We have a super cute and beautiful little secret garden in the house! It is a gem in the concrete jungle, and our geniuses will get a chance to learn growing their own flowers, plants, and vegetables!

Social Responsibilities: Every genius is a small puzzle of this world. We need learn and bear our own social responsibility disregard our ages. Learning how to protect the world, giving back to society, and helping the people/animals in need, our social responsibility classes are here for our committed genius!