Creative Genius: Arts & Performance

Is your genius a budding Rembrandt? Do they write songs that stir your soul? Maybe your genius has impeccable style, not a button out of place. Whatever your genius’ artistic medium, our courses will help them hone their skills and learn to express their creative side. 

  Arts & Crafts

Music & Singing

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Help your genius learn the basics of painting, drawing and crafts, along with motor skills, and creativity, with our courses. Led by experienced instructors, our classes will get your genius active, thinking and creating. Best of all, they’ll come home with projects to display, helping build their self-confidence.
Give your genius a head-start in reading sheet music, theory and playing an instrument. Or help them hone their singing voice, in our music and singing classes. Led by experienced teachers, these classes will give your genius the foundation and skills to become the next great musician.

Fashion Show

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Does your genius combine not just brains, but also beauty? Whether they are destined to be the next Top Model, or just looking to take their home fashion shows to the next level, they will love our Fashion Show class, which focuses on walking the cat walk, body postures, elegance, manners and performance. So your genius can be fabulous, outside and inside.

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Combining elements of dance, gymnastics and aerobics, Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect way to help your little genius learn strength, discipline and creativity. Led by an award-winning rhythmic gymnast from China, this class is sure to engage and entertain your resident gymnast.