Technology Genius:
Key to the Digital World

Give your genius a push into the digital world and build their digital literacy and skills with ambitious projects that will spark their imagination. Today’s kids are born into a digital world. We’re here to spark imagination and start ambitious projects with your kids to uncover their creative genius.

Video Production

Whether your genius is an aspiring auteur or YouTuber, they will need skills ranging from shooting, editing and graphics. Our classes meet in small groups of less than four students under the guise of our professional producers, who are all experienced professionals. Your genius will learn about composition, lighting and sound, editing in Premiere Pro and post-production.

Digital Photography

Is your genius a master with the viewfinder? Do you marvel at their use of lighting and bokeh? Whether your genius knows their way around an SLR, or they think cameras only exist in phones, they will love our course on digital photography. Working with our expert instructors, all industry professionals, they will learn about composition, lighting, Photoshop skills and more. 

Website Development

Teach your genius the ins and outs of building a website. Whether they are aspiring sports reporters, or budding e-commerce mavens, our website development course, taught by industry professionals, will give your genius the digital skillset to showcase their creative side.

Creative Engineering

Does your genius love to take things apart, just to see how they work? Are they constantly coming up with new ideas for inventions that will change the world? Teach them about robotics, coding and programming with our creative engineering course, led by industry professionals. From Lego Boost Robot to Smart Cities and Volcanoes, this STEM-based course will get your genius building, engineering and expressing their creativity.