Miss Fan Fei


Hello, welcome to Miss Fan’s music world! I graduated from College of Music, Nanjing University of The Arts, and have been engaged in children vocal education since 2013.

In addition to my great enthusiasm on singing education, I was also invited to be the judge of music contests, e.g. 2018 MTPAS International Youth Music and Art Contest, 2018 Hong Kong Students Arts Performance Festival and Asia Students Arts Festival 2019, 2021 International Young Musicians Music Competition, Wien. As a performer, I do enjoy singing on the stage.  I was invited to be the performing artist of TVB programme Cultural Engine 4U in 2014, CCTV programme ‘2018 我的青春我做主少兒春晚’ and 2019 CCTV New Year‘s Gala (Performance 舞動青春 放飛夢想)and music concert ‘花團錦簇 美樂薈萃’ in 2018.

Music and singing has been coloring my life, let’s reveal your talent in music and singing at Little Genius House!


2018 – Best Advisor of MTPAS International Youth Music and Art Contest

2017- Champion of Joint Buddhist School Teacher Singing Competition

2017- Champion of ‘超新聲歌唱大賽2017’ (Lieder)

2015 – Award of Excellence for Education(MTPAS International Youth Music and Art Contest )

Phone Number:+852 6936 1636